Mabels Tavern, London, Shepherd Neame


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The History of Mabel’s Tavern

Ever wondered how our tavern in London got its name? Well, Mabel's Tavern apparently takes its name from a local resident, Mabel Macinelly, who was born in Dublin, Ireland. She married into the family who owned Hamilton House in Mabledon Place, therefore becoming Mabel Hamilton through marriage.

Not much information is known about the mysterious Mabel that this gorgeous Kings Cross pub is named after, except that she owned a cat called Felix and she died in the 1970s. However,  her legend lives on in Mabledon Place to this day, with visitors coming to enjoy the tavern in all its glory.

Mabels Tavern, London, Shepherd Neame

A spooky tale

Since her death, Mabel has been known to revisit the pub. On one occasion, she called the landlady's name repeatedly in the early hours of the morning.

She has also been heard operating the pub’s dumb waiter; which is especially eerie, as it was ripped out several years ago. The occupants heard it in the early hours of the morning, but when they investigated, there was nothing to be seen.

Rumour has it that Mabel had a granddaughter, who recently visited our Euston road pub when researching her family history. If you know anything about Mabel and her life in Dublin or London, we would be fascinated to hear from you!